Hair Transplant


Hair Loss

Hair loss is an issue that affects men and women. Past treatments for hair loss were often associated with unnatural and laughable results. However, modern hair transplant techniques provide a natural and permanent result for hair loss. Men and women are both equally good candidates for hair transplantation.

What to Expect

The procedure varies on the individual. The hair transplant or hair replacement procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The most commonly used technique takes hair from the back of the scalp. This incision is virtually undetectable after the surrounding hair grows in.

After the hair follicles are extracted, they are prepared for placement into the target site. After they are placed in the target site, the hair follicles usually take 7-10 days to set in and several months for hair to begin growing consistently.

The recovery is minimal. There will be bruising and swelling and potentially black eyes that can occur.