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Okay I got a septoplasty (Nose job) because I couldn’t breath and I was so nervous to have surgery on my face! But Dr. Ward and his staff made it so easy! Easiest surgery I’ve ever had. The recovery was manageable and Dr. Ward and the nurses made sure I was set up with all the medications I needed and medicines to help with uncomfortable side effects of those pain medications. They thought of EVERYTHING and made my experience as comforting as you possible. On top of that I can actually breath now! My nose before was keeping me up at night and made it difficult to exercise and even hard to get walk to class. It was ridiculous I would be out of breath by doing everyday things. Now my nose is perfect and I sleep like a baby! I even love the shape of my nose better because of the way Dr. Ward repaired my septum. So now I look good and feel good. Amazing Dr. , amazing staff, amazing customer service. I would 100% recommend!!
-J. Taylor

Dr. Ward has been my ENT for 6+ years. Previous Dr’s left quite a mess of my sinuses, which created E.N.S. and a few other structural/visual issues. Meeting Dr. Ward has been the best thing for my health, he is by far the most talented ENT/Facial surgeon I have personally used. My surgeries can leave the worst bruising, however this is NOT the case with Dr. Ward. It’s not just his medical understanding that’s impressive, but his creative talent that I consider an art form. Having to look in the mirror day after day and see physical defects that other dr’s left behind can be devastating. Dr. Ward was able to repair and sculpt the nose I once had, and the results were as plain as the nose on my face 🙂 It is everything in the world to look in a mirror and see ME again.
-R. Ortega

Really Great, was worried people could tell the difference but they did such an amazing job, they care about there patients deeply and have amazing staff

Have had the most amazing experience each time I have gone here! The offices (cottonwood heights + city creek) are absolutely beautiful! I love the atmosphere and everyone from the front desk to Dr were so friendly and accommodating. I especially love Dr Ward- he is personable and so knowledgeable, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face!
-N. Jensen

Dr. Ward & his staff are amazing. So helpful & knowledgeable down to every little detail. Ally was amazing helping me out today. I highly recommend him & his staff for the best experience. I did a ton of research for a rhinoplasty & I would only go to Dr. Ward. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done. THANK YOU!
-S. Pearl

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I’m a trans woman who has been through the ringer. I was a model/actor prior to transitioning and upon coming out, I decided to start my journey with a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, CA by who I thought was a consummate professional. I was so wrong. I left that initial procedure with an inability to breathe and a mostly botched procedure. I discovered Dr Ward upon moving back to Utah, and after doing copious amounts of research; I entrusted him with the massive project of reconstructing my nose.

Because of the condition my nose was in, it required multiple procedures to correct the issues of breathing and aesthetics. However, Dr Ward never once complained, denied care, became frustrated, etc. He became invested in me, my happiness and story. Never have I experienced such incredible bedside manner. Never have I felt so listened to and respected by a surgeon, and I have lots of surgery experiences. I cannot recommend Dr Ward enough. He’s a surgeon yes, but he does not have a God complex and he doesn’t make your surgery about ego. He’s simply talented, ethical, honest and sincere. I’m thrilled with my nose and face after it all. I don’t believe another surgeon could have delivered the way he did. I cannot speak highly enough about him. I’ll always be grateful to and for Dr Ward for changing my life and helping to bring my vision of self to life.

Dr. Ward is exceptional. He was very interested in what I was concerned about and addressed each concern of mine. He took his time explaining everything. He is very knowledgeable. The result was perfect. Thank you Dr. Ward.

Dr. Ward is an exceptionally skilled doctor who had a compassionate attitude for my wellbeing throughout the process of before and after surgery care. I will forever be grateful for his dedication to excellence and will recommend him to everyone.

Dr Ward is the best. I have the best experience ever. He is the kind, the best ever. He is very gentle. The office is amazing, the staff is amazing. Everything is five stars and up. Thank you everyone.

Dr Ward is the perfect combination of “professional” and “compassionate”. I picked the very best surgeon for any-and-everything to do with my face. A fabulous overall experience. The Patient Care is also the finest I’ve ever experienced at any Medical Practice. My results far exceeded my expectations.

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