The ear is a structure with intricate shapes and folds. Developmental deformities of the ear are common and may be the result of excess cartilage, improper folding, or a combination of the two. The end result is a prominence of the ear that can be a significant source of concern for children and adults alike. The concern may arise due to something as simple as a feeling of self-consciousness about prominent ears to something as serious as psychological issues from teasing or bullying. Correction of prominent ears is a safe and simple procedure that can restore confidence and allow the individual to lead a normal life.

Similarly, patients with ear lobe defects, either from trauma or previous piercings can have concerns related to the appearance of the ears. These concerns might lead to difficulty in obtaining employment or in social situations.

Otoplasty, or ear pinning, can be performed with or without incisions. Dr. Ward has expertise with both techniques and will choose the procedure that provides the patient with the best possible experience for otoplasty. Similarly, the exact procedure that might be necessary for ear lobe repair depends on the individual.

What to expect

The Recovery

The recovery is typically about a week, although bruising and swelling can persist for a longer period of time. Most patients can typically resume work within about 6-10 days and can resume normal activities by 1-2 weeks.

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