How much would this rhinoplasty cost? (photos)
The cost of rhinoplasty varies from surgeon to surgeon and by geographic region. I would estimate the cost to be in the $6000-$10,000 range.READ MORE
Can your upper lateral cartilages be positioned or used in a way to be spreader grafts?
Yes! Your upper lateral cartilages can be used as spreader flaps, also called autospreaders. They work well and are becoming widely accepted. We recently…READ MORE
Asian rhinoplasty: Would photos be achievable with an alarplasty alone? Is it realistically obtainable? (photos)
Ido not think that you would be happy with the results of an alarplasty alone. I think that your goals could best be achieved with a full rhinoplasty. Look…READ MORE
How Many Units to Botox Crow’s Feet?
When treating patients with concerns about their crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes), I usually start at 8-12 units per side.  This depends on…READ MORE
How difficult is it to change a medium size chin implant to a smaller one? 14 months post op. (photos)
Changing out a chin implant to a smaller one is quite easy and has limited risk of complications. I would discuss with your surgeon.READ MORE
How soon after a mini lift can I get a hair transplant on the scars?
You can have a hair transplant over the scars as soon as six weeks after the procedure. That is usually enough time to let the area heal up enough.READ MORE

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