3 Non-Invasive treatments You can Get Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Skin Procedures Salt Lake City, UT

Thanksgiving is about gathering around the table with family and friends and enjoying a picture perfect meal together, but more often than not, family time also comes with some stress, anxiety, and frustration. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, why not come into Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery for one or more non-invasive procedures to get you ready in time for...

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Why Good Skin Care Matters

If you grew up in a family where the same kind of soap was used for virtually everything: your face, body, hands, and even hair, then the thought of spending money on high-quality skin care products may sound inconceivable. And to many people, the high price tags on certain skin care products can seem like a real marketing stunt. However, here...

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3 Myths About Facial Plastic Surgery

When it comes to aging and aging gracefully, we at Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery have more than a few tricks up our sleeve— including surgical and non-invasive options. If you have been considering facial plastic surgery but just can’t seem to commit, we have the perfect article for you. This article will debunk three common myths about facial plastic surgery. Myth...

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Want to Get Rid of Your Adam’s Apple? What to Know About Chondrolaryngoplasty

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but there are some instances in which apples aren’t quite desirable— specifically when it comes to some patients' Adam's apple. If you have been undergoing gender reassignment surgery as a male to a female, then you may be interested in minimizing the appearance of your Adam's apple with a Chondrolaryngoplasty or thyroid...

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